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Cloud Computing

New York City

A few short years ago, if you were to combine the terms cloud and computing in the same sentence, you would not have been taken seriously.  Today, virtually every application that Business Logic develops is delivered through an internet browser interface.  When accessing his or her data through the internet, the user of the information does not know or even care where the computer that stores the underlying data is located.  For all the user cares, this computer is located in the clouds.

At their most fundamental level, these systems observe many of the same database and data structure principals that we at Business Logic have been using for many years.  But the information delivery is totally modern.   It provides the user with two important advantages over traditional business systems:

  • The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world (provided there is sufficient security and connectivity).
  • It is not necessary for the user to have any programs installed on his or her local computer.  All that is necessary to interact with the cloud data is an internet browser.