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A Smartphone/Tablet Can Reduce Your Construction Time

New York City


For a major real estate management firm, when an apartment is vacated, every effort is made to make the apartment ready for rental to a new tenant.  At the beginning of this process, a representative of management must visit the apartment and complete a 7 page form on which all of the necessary renovation details are noted.  Painting, floors, doors, appliances, to name a few. The problem is that this information must be hand-written.  It could take a few days to deliver the results to headquarters.  There the information is placed in an in-box where it is queued to be typed into the system.

Several days are lost in this process.


The solution for management is to visit the vacated apartment with a smartphone or tablet, and a Business Logic app in hand.  The vacate survey is completed on the hand-held device where the information is transmitted in real time to the company’s central database and server.   No manual transportation.  No delays in an inbox.  No secondary data entry.

Several days are saved in the process. 



The value is clear.  By saving 3 to 6 days in the renovation process, the company can put the apartment on the rent rolls that much sooner.  In the process, they drive more rental revenue to the bottom lines.