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From the Executive Office







New York City

We believe the key to Business Logic's success is our ability to put ourselves in your shoes—sitting at your desk, experiencing your business pressures. In this role, we envision the tools we would need if we were faced with your problems. Our clients say that including Business Logic in their business review and analysis process helped them define their needs more clearly. They gained insights they wouldn't have reached on their own.

While each business is unique, about 70% of every organization's software needs are common to all companies. Plenty of packaged software—also called enterprise software—is available to meet these needs. At Business Logic, we design and develop the software that meets the other 30% of your company's information needs. These are the needs that make your organization special. By satisfying them, we help you realize the full potential of your business. We help you automate, accelerate and focus performance,  giving your company a competitive edge in the marketplace.