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Functional Requirements and Specifications

New York City

Systems design is one part science and one part art. At Business Logic we excel at both.

Because of our vast experience in a wide array of businesses and industries, we are able to imagine ourselves in the specific role of the user. This experience and ability sets us apart from other companies: Our clients tell us that we have an uncanny ability to anticipate their needs and to provide them with the information tools they need.

The scientific method we employ includes "top-down" structured techniques, such as CASE methodology, to assist in the design and implementation of systems. This approach delivers an effective solution and simplified project management.

It also provides a system that performs all the envisioned functions...without sacrificing ease of use.

  • Database selection, design and deployment

  • Since the mid 1980’s, SQL databases have been the defacto choice for business solutions.  The only question was which SQL database would be chosen.  Oracle, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL. 

  • Today, as databases grow larger and the diversity of information they contain becomes increasingly diverse, a new database paradigm is emergine, the No-SQL database.

  • At Business Logic, we provide invaluable guidance to companies that are making decisions about the specific database that they want to deploy.  We help them understand the inherent technological and business tradeoffs between SQL and No-SQL.