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Mobile Software Development

New York City

Many of us think of iPhones, Android phones and tablets as convenient tools for internet access, local map retrieval, and email devices.  At Business Logic, we view these phones and tablets as essential data entry and retrieval devices whose convenience will lead them to overtake traditional desk-top and notebook computers in a wide variety of situations. Our expertise in mobile software development allows us to realize the power of these devices.

Our clients in companies of all sizes have been contacting us to help them with their mobile software development needs.  In many cases, we are being asked to retrofit their existing web software needs to fit mobile software development devices.  These devices enable business users to put their business problems in the palm of their hands.

At Business Logic, through our knowledge and experience of mobile software development, we are developing Apps that enable these tools to be used for convenient, ultra-portable interaction with a company’s mission critical databases.