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Specialized Purchasing Systems

New York City


For more than 12 years, the City of New York had engaged other consulting organizations, some of them major firms, to automate its purchasing system. No luck. The primary challenge was the range and volume of items they purchased: from shoes to canned goods, plumbing supplies to fresh food, and furniture to fire trucks. Where to begin?


Business Logic deferred this "structure of the universe" issue and immediately focused on the workflow within the purchasing process itself. In so doing, we eliminated the roadblock. We designed and implemented a cost-effective purchasing system that met all the needs of over 60 City agencies—and their hundreds of users—by augmenting the existing system with a sophisticated search tool, so users can quickly find the items they need. Recently, we integrated a new Intranet front-end, so the agencies can submit their orders online, instead of on paper.



The easy-to-use system is faster and results in more accurate purchasing—saving time and money. Paperless too! New contracts were put in place in weeks rather than months. Orders were placed in one day, rather than in weeks.