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Creating Productivity Tools for a Moving Company

New York City


Smaller businesses are particularly sensitive to the cost of investing in custom software solutions. The challenge is two-fold: first to correctly identify business problems that will result in substantial time and cost savings, and second, to create efficient and easy-to-use solutions.



Business Logic developed a variety of software tools to help a medium-sized moving company operate more efficiently. We implemented a worker identification card that included a bar code to allow work crews to be set up the night before the job. Instead of manually signing in each morning, workers swipe their identification cards in front of a card reader.

At dispatch time, the dispatch manager simply looks at the screen. If the name of the crewmember is green, the worker is present and ready to work. If the name is red, the worker has not yet reported. The dispatcher can elect to substitute another worker, or wait for the designated worker.

The system has automated several business tasks:

  • It dispatches all of its workers faster - in 15 minutes, rather than taking over
    45 minutes using the manual sign-in method.
  • It captures the roster information necessary for accurately billing customers.
  • It facilitates the payment/payroll process for its employees.


The initial collaborative business analysis process produced a fast, automated dispatching system that produces efficient invoicing and an accurate payroll. This system saved every employee in the administrative departments several hours a day.