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Developing Strategic Solutions for a
Large Real Estate Development Company

New York City


A major real estate development company manages over 40,000 residential apartment units and over 9 million square feet of commercial space in New York and other metropolitan areas. The challenge was to automate all its operational systems to improve productivity throughout the organization.



Since 1996, Business Logic has gradually and systematically designed, developed, and implemented a wide range of software solutions for this company. In every case, we partnered with our client on the optimal database structure, business process, reporting mechanisms and user interfaces. Together, we came up with ideas that neither of us could have arrived at alone. Four of the many solutions we have completed for this client include:
  • A fully interactive system to track tenant and lease activity, including daily entry of new actions and the regular updating of existing actions.
  • A software solution to automatically generate and print renewal leases. In New York City's rent stabilized environment, residential lease generation can be a complex undertaking.
  • A commercial lease management system that accommodates the full open-ended range of commercial lease options.
  • An insurance policy database system to maintain multiple coverages on buildings and properties. A system to track insurance claims was incorporated into this system.


During the past 13 years, Business Logic has become a trusted advisor and business partner—making new projects a genuine pleasure. The number of commercial and residential tenants increased by twofold with no increase in headquarters staff.