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Cloud Computing - Replacing Email With Something More Efficient

New York City


Email used to be the killer app.  You could email one person, 10 people, or an entire department of a major corporation.   You can email one customer, or all customers. The problem is managing, organizing, and storing for safekeeping all the emails and responses. 

Consider the problem of a company that owns over 100 buildings.
Tradesmen and vendors who work on these buildings must submit insurance certificates annually. There could be over 1,000 vendors, each with over 20 certificates.  This would result in 20,000 certificates to be requested, received, reviewed, and stored for safekeeping.   Managing the email activity related to each certificate is a job in itself.

There must be a better way.


The solution was for Business Logic to develop a cloud application which can be used by the real estate company and its vendors as well. 

The vendors can be notified of their insurance certificate requirements on the web site.  They can see the required language for the certificate.  They can upload an image of their completed certificate right on the web site.

The real estate company can review the certificates without having to read, download, store, or copy the certificates to a permanent place.  They can review the certifidates in place.  And with the click of the mouse, they can request that the vendor resubmit for one reason or another.



The headcount that is devoted to dealing with these certificates can be dramatically reduced.  This insurance certificate process will result in significant savings of time and money.