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Creating an Alternative Investment
Tax Reporting System for an International Bank

New York City


A major international bank headquartered in New York City administers funds for a wide range of traditional and alternative investment organizations. This bank is required to produce monthly and yearly financial and tax statements. These statements must accurately reflect the complex, constantly changing tax legislation in the United States and other countries, pertaining to financial funds and their holdings.



Business Logic designed, developed, and implemented a customized tax reporting system for this bank. This sophisticated solution required two of our core disciplines: extensive accounting expertise and database/systems design expertise. Ultimately, the system was able to distribute the information in reports in PDF formats, Excel spreadsheets, and via a secure, customized Internet interface.



A sophisticated, secure, accurate, accounting reporting system was able to deal with complex tax legislation that varies from one country to another. The information was distributed to over 100 institutional clients of the bank, in a variety of formats. A statement review and analysis previously took 4 days. It could now be done in 1 day.